Who Are We:

Whym aims to be the brand of consumer trust for social selling. We create confidence, convenience and controls that cause customers to refer to our purchase experience as “addicting.”

Online shopping is still a horrible experience. Whym is working to make it better with a very unique approach to the problem. Shoppers can collect products from around the internet into a unified global cart where they can organize and consider future purchases. Once a shopper is ready to purchase, they can do so with one click, from many merchants, at the same time.


Our Founding Team are all Ex-Snapchat seasoned veterans with prior Venture Capital and IPO success. Join a team who knows what success looks like, and who knows how to get there. We can’t promise success, but we can increase the chances with you by our side.

Who Are You:

You have significant experience solving challenging engineering problems and you demonstrate the ability to work well leading a team of engineers. You are willing to start small, but feel you can grow with us into bigger roles as our team grows (such as Director of Engineering). You are willing to take a little startup risk in exchange for a bigger piece of the pie.

As a Principal Cloud Engineer, you will report directly to our VP of Engineering, get hands-on with the code, and drive the efforts of other engineers along the way. You are comfortable with significant autonomy around your strategy and team execution, including standing accountable to the success or failure of your solutions and team.

Who we are looking for:

We’re looking for a hungry engineering leader, who can roll up your sleeves and get into the engineering mud with your team. You’ll definitely be coding, architecting, reviewing, and mentoring other members of your team. You’ll be directly communicating with our executives. You will be breaking down largely ambiguous challenges and turning them into delivered software that has a high level of quality (with the support of your team).

At your disposal are Testing Libraries, Code Review Tools, A/B Tools, CI/CD Tools, and Issue and Task Management Tools; already installed and in use, we expect you to know how to use them to manage the quality of your products. Help us make the solution better.

Your team will start small, but as the business revenue grows so will your team. You will be responsible for setting the team cadence, milestones, and velocity. Working with the company to achieve engineering goals that match the pace of the other branches of our business.


Our ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience as a Team Lead (or higher) with a team size of at least 3-6 and several more years of experience as an individual contributor. It would be preferable if you had pre-existing experience with as much of the following tech stack as possible:


  • Google Cloud (Amazon also qualified)
  • Firestore (DynamoDB or other NoSQL also qualified)
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • Jest

Client Side

  • Typescript
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Material UI
  • Jest

Code Management, Task Management, Bug Tracking, Continuous Integration

  • GitLab
  • Sentry.io

Added specialties would be beneficial:

  • Web front-end design
  • and/or Financial Technology Expertise (PCI, Accounting, Banking, Payments)
  • and/or Messaging (SMS, Twilio, RCS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc…)
  • and/or Commerce Integrations (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc…)
  • and/or Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision
  • and/or Volume Data Handling and Processing (Kafka, BigQuery, BigTable, PubSub)